Two more days for Oscar’s Adventures children books

Oscar and his picture book is among great tittles on my son’s bookshelf. Back us on Indiegogo and help us publish all three books about Oscar and his friends. You can also get some great rewards including all of the books Broken Chair, Little Yellow Ball and Trouble with the Pie.


Six days till the end of Indiegogo campaign for Adventures of Oscar the Beagle Children books

Crowdfunding has been and still is a wild ride with lots of learning opportunities while trying to maintain focus on our main work, and that is making children books. Promotion on social media is a jungle with no easy paths and lots of curves and working out of our comfort zone has been challenging, but rewarding.

Our entire team is very grateful for all support we received, for every dollar donated or invested through perks. There are still six days left for our crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign and you can still make the contribution that will help us publish our three children books from Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series. Broken Chair is already ready for production, Little Yellow Ball is being illustrated, and Trouble with the Pie awaits written, proofread and lectured for our artist Tom Skrlets.

By backing the project You can get cool rewards in return. All three books are available in perks, even limited hardcover copies. Besides paperback, hardcover and e-book copies of Oscar’s Adventures, You can get a custom illustration of You and Your dog, poster with characters, t-shirt and other interesting perks.

Check out our Indiegogo page¬†and help us publish Oscar’s children books.

Book in your hand- new perk for just 15 $

Paperback- book in hand is the name of the new perk for our Indiegogo campaign for Adventures of Oscar the Beagle. Coming into fourth week of crowdfunding we felt that a perk like this was missing. Now you can get paperback version of any of three books from the children book series for 15 $.
With this perk you can choose from one of three Adventures of Oscar the Beagle children books (Broken Chair, Little Yellow Ball and Trouble with the Pie). You’ll get paperback edition of book along with personalized thank you note on digital illustration with the characters from books. Great way to meet Oscar, his friends and get into the world of beagle adventures.
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