Six days till the end of Indiegogo campaign for Adventures of Oscar the Beagle Children books

Crowdfunding has been and still is a wild ride with lots of learning opportunities while trying to maintain focus on our main work, and that is making children books. Promotion on social media is a jungle with no easy paths and lots of curves and working out of our comfort zone has been challenging, but rewarding.

Our entire team is very grateful for all support we received, for every dollar donated or invested through perks. There are still six days left for our crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign and you can still make the contribution that will help us publish our three children books from Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series. Broken Chair is already ready for production, Little Yellow Ball is being illustrated, and Trouble with the Pie awaits written, proofread and lectured for our artist Tom Skrlets.

By backing the project You can get cool rewards in return. All three books are available in perks, even limited hardcover copies. Besides paperback, hardcover and e-book copies of Oscar’s Adventures, You can get a custom illustration of You and Your dog, poster with characters, t-shirt and other interesting perks.

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Oscar summer walks- Golden hour gallery

Although summer is in full strength, we are focused on our children book project (with occasional swim or two), and second book of Oscar’s adventures is nearly done. After Little Yellow Ball, Tom Skrlets will start working on illustrations on third story, Trouble with the Pie and we’re ready to go. Meanwhile, real Oscar is taking his walks earlier than usual due to steaming hot weather (he is more a winter guy). The silver lining of our to early walks are excellent photo conditions with our friend sun playing a colorful symphony with its rays.

We’ll update you with newest progression of our work, and until then you can enjoy in real Oscar picture gallery.

Illustrations for second book in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series

We’re in the second week of our Indiegogo campaign, and we would like to thank you all for tremendous support. While crowdfunding is in motion, so is working on our second book.

After finishing character drawings, our illustrator Tom got really busy on the second title from Adventures of Oscar the Beagle children book series. For his second adventure, Oscar has some problems with Little Yellow Ball. That is also the name of the second story in which we will find out how playing fetch can bring joy, but also feel kind of sad if friends value more the right toys than companionship.

Here are first look at Tom’s illustrations for second book about Oscar and his adventures.

Exclusive first drawings for Little Yellow ball – second book of Oscar’s Adventures

Second book in series Adventures of Oscar The Beagle, Little Yellow ball is getting first illustrations. Our illustration artist Tom just finished initial drawings of characters in various situations, and you can see here exclusive new content that will soon become second picture book about Oscar’s Adventures.

Character development is especially fun and creative process prior to making full illustrations. Second book focuses on playing with friends and on toys, in this case Little yellow ball.

Adventures of Oscar The Beagle characters overview

“Noel threw the ball full of hope, wishing that they can play. Oscar ran after the ball, and grabbed it as it bounced off the ground, with his ears flying in all directions due to speed and fast changes of direction. He was back at Noel’s feet in no time, dropping the ball, barking loudly and waving his pointy tail.”

Enjoy Tom’s sketches, follow us for more update on second book, and SUPPORT us on Indiegogo.

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Indiegogo campaign for Adventures of Oscar The Beagle is live. Adventures of Oscar the Beagle- Broken chair is first in series of three children books (Little yellow ball, Trouble with the pie) which are telling a story of friendship between Oscar and a boy Noel.

It emphasizes trust and learning from mistakes, teaches the value of friends and family. The main character Oscar also has superpower in form of his extraordinary sense of smell. I’m raising funds to complete work on series of children books. Support the campaign and help as many children as possible to find out how great Beagles are.

Help us publish children books about Beagle Oscar, his best friend Noel and his amazing superpower.

Some of interesting perks include All eBooks and one Paperback, You”ll get them all, Combo mini menu or Hardcover for ultimate backer.

The idea is to raise funds to finish production on all three picture books, and to promote Oscars Adventures when they get published.

If you can’t back the project, please share, maybe someone in your circle can. Follow us for updates and support Adventures of Oscar The Beagle books.

Started working on second book, Indiegogo campaign about to start

facebook share slikaWe are proud to announce that our Indiegogo campaign is ready to launch, and on 26. June we will start raising funds to finish production and publish Adventures of Oscar the Beagle books. We prepared some exciting perks for our potential backers, and we’re looking forward to all support and backing, sharing that will hopefully come our way. Every day we try to bring ourselves closer to this goal, so our illustrator Tom already started working on second book in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series of picture books. You can see the initial drawings of our favorite superhero Oscar for his adventure Little yellow ball.

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