Book trailer for Little Yellow Ball children book

After two years of making my children books, I had a lot of fun making the book trailers for my book for children. In this post, you can check out a book trailer for Little Yellow Ball toddler book.

Another beautiful morning walk for Oscar the Beagle

Winter morning is challenging time for dog owners. It’s not easy to get up from warm, cozy bed. Brisk air and frosty ground just enhance the feeling of chill. On the other hand, Oscar loves winter. There are no allergies, and cold winter temperatures are much more suitable for Beagles than hot summers. Anyway, Oscar…

Oscar’s lake adventure gallery, photos taken with new camera

Sunday is a perfect day to get out of the city, and the weather was also in our favor. For Oscar, it was a great time to wander free around his favorite lake, and for me excellent opportunity to check out my new camera. Here is a great lake adventures gallery. Photos were taken with…

Fun time with new camera

Foggy winter morning was ideal setting for a walk, and Oscar agreed to take a few pics around a little bridge over a creek. Same one from Little Yellow Ball picture book where Oscar lost his ball. I got new phone (Huawei Mate 10 Lite) for weekend and played with it a bit.