Illustrations for second book in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series

We’re in the second week of our Indiegogo campaign, and we would like to thank you all for tremendous support. While crowdfunding is in motion, so is working on our second book.

After finishing character drawings, our illustrator Tom got really busy on the second title from Adventures of Oscar the Beagle children book series. For his second adventure, Oscar has some problems with Little Yellow Ball. That is also the name of the second story in which we will find out how playing fetch can bring joy, but also feel kind of sad if friends value more the right toys than companionship.

Here are first look at Tom’s illustrations for second book about Oscar and his adventures.

Exclusive first drawings for Little Yellow ball – second book of Oscar’s Adventures

Second book in series Adventures of Oscar The Beagle, Little Yellow ball is getting first illustrations. Our illustration artist Tom just finished initial drawings of characters in various situations, and you can see here exclusive new content that will soon become second picture book about Oscar’s Adventures.

Character development is especially fun and creative process prior to making full illustrations. Second book focuses on playing with friends and on toys, in this case Little yellow ball.

Adventures of Oscar The Beagle characters overview

“Noel threw the ball full of hope, wishing that they can play. Oscar ran after the ball, and grabbed it as it bounced off the ground, with his ears flying in all directions due to speed and fast changes of direction. He was back at Noel’s feet in no time, dropping the ball, barking loudly and waving his pointy tail.”

Enjoy Tom’s sketches, follow us for more update on second book, and SUPPORT us on Indiegogo.

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Indiegogo campaign for Adventures of Oscar The Beagle is live. Adventures of Oscar the Beagle- Broken chair is first in series of three children books (Little yellow ball, Trouble with the pie) which are telling a story of friendship between Oscar and a boy Noel.

It emphasizes trust and learning from mistakes, teaches the value of friends and family. The main character Oscar also has superpower in form of his extraordinary sense of smell. I’m raising funds to complete work on series of children books. Support the campaign and help as many children as possible to find out how great Beagles are.

Help us publish children books about Beagle Oscar, his best friend Noel and his amazing superpower.

Some of interesting perks include All eBooks and one Paperback, You”ll get them all, Combo mini menu or Hardcover for ultimate backer.

The idea is to raise funds to finish production on all three picture books, and to promote Oscars Adventures when they get published.

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Started working on second book, Indiegogo campaign about to start

facebook share slikaWe are proud to announce that our Indiegogo campaign is ready to launch, and on 26. June we will start raising funds to finish production and publish Adventures of Oscar the Beagle books. We prepared some exciting perks for our potential backers, and we’re looking forward to all support and backing, sharing that will hopefully come our way. Every day we try to bring ourselves closer to this goal, so our illustrator Tom already started working on second book in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series of picture books. You can see the initial drawings of our favorite superhero Oscar for his adventure Little yellow ball.

oscar druga knjiga

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Oscar’s story

IMG_0060Our first dog was adopted from animal shelter, but Pegy passed away only a week after we took her. She was sick, and vets couldn’t save her. She was with our family for a short time, but got under our skin, and it wasn’t easy to cope with the loss. Decision was made to take another dog, but this time from certified breeder.

From the first time Oscar entered our tiny apartment, he was box full of surprises, and since he came to us in a cardboard box I don’t mean it just literally. Once freed from his box, Oscar instantly went into a Beagle frenzy sniffing around the flat, looking for who knows what. He had squeaky voice, clumsy legs and infinite cute factor. This anarchist, cat among dogs, punk rocker out of the box became our pack member with a bit of his own agenda.


One time, hanging in park with other dogs, and their owners, our little cute pup popped out of the bush with dead pidgeon in his mouth. Other time, he found sandwich in tin foil and ate it together with indigestible cover.

Years passed by, and Oscar enjoyed long walks, running on the river bank, in a dog park, playing with other dogs and his pack. Then in his fourth year we moved to countryside, he got his backyard, frequent encounters with rabbits and dears, and a lake where he would swim almost every day.

IMG_0954Oscar was (and still is) a proud and strong male Beagle, so handsome that he became popular among female Beagle owners, and in couple of love meetings he got total of 16 little Beagle pups.

In this more nature environment he picked up a tick, and fought with the illness bravely whole week. We immediately knew something was wrong, as soon as he didn’t want his treat. Beagles are mostly notorious for their unrivaled appetite.

Oscar developed allergies, and first blooming of plants sends him in itching and scratching phase, and as though that wasn’t enough, in his eight year he got diabetes. We check his sugar levels couple of times during the day and he gets his insulin shots accordingly.

Besides his not so great health, and a couple of gray hairs, he is same untamed Beagle hound. If you come to our garden party, chances are you will throw him his yellow ball a few hours. Loud bark, and waving his tail like crazy is his way to say welcome. Woof, woof, don’t just stand there, throw me the ball. So, you see, Oscar is a true inspiration, real life character for a fictional tales in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle children book series.

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Broken Chair

cover slikovniceFirst book in series of picturebooks Adventures of Oscar The Beagle.

Little boy Noel broke a chair while playing with his friends in backyard. Fearing mothers reaction, he went with his friend to find a new leg for chair. Deep in mystical woods, three friends got lost. Mother was worried and went looking for Noel. She had a secret weapon, incredible beagle Oscar and his sense of smell.

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