Drawings made for Little Yellow Ball

Drawings for the second book in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series of children books is done, and of course we decided to show you the gallery of newest artwork. Second book of Oscar Adventures is titled Little Yellow Ball and it will be available on Amazon along with other two (Broken Chair, Trouble with the Pie) this fall. Our artist Tom is enjoying his vacation, but he will soon be back at drawing board/computer. Meanwhile, check out our newest gallery of illustrations, and of course support our project on Indiegogo.

“Noel threw the ball full of hope, wishing that they couldcan play. Oscar ran after the ball, and grabbed it as it bounced off the ground, with his ears flying in all directions due to speed and fast changes of direction. He was back at Noel’s feet in no time, dropping the ball, barking loudly and waving his pointy tail.

They played for a long, long time, forgot about lunch time and came home too late.”


Started working on second book, Indiegogo campaign about to start

facebook share slikaWe are proud to announce that our Indiegogo campaign is ready to launch, and on 26. June we will start raising funds to finish production and publish Adventures of Oscar the Beagle books. We prepared some exciting perks for our potential backers, and we’re looking forward to all support and backing, sharing that will hopefully come our way. Every day we try to bring ourselves closer to this goal, so our illustrator Tom already started working on second book in Adventures of Oscar the Beagle series of picture books. You can see the initial drawings of our favorite superhero Oscar for his adventure Little yellow ball.

oscar druga knjiga

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Broken Chair

cover slikovniceFirst book in series of picturebooks Adventures of Oscar The Beagle.

Little boy Noel broke a chair while playing with his friends in backyard. Fearing mothers reaction, he went with his friend to find a new leg for chair. Deep in mystical woods, three friends got lost. Mother was worried and went looking for Noel. She had a secret weapon, incredible beagle Oscar and his sense of smell.

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Little yellow ball

Second book in series Adventures of Oscar the Beagle.

oskarOscar didn’t like to play fetch a ball with Noel. But, one day he found a little yellow ball in dog park and everything changed. Noel and Oscar enjoyed playing with the ball every day in their back yard. Oscar liked the ball so much that he carried it with him even when going for a walk. That turned out to be a big problem, because one day he dropped it into a fast river and could not find it again. Oscar was sad because he lost the ball, and Noel because Oscar didn’t want any other ball for their play time. What could Oscar, Noel and their friends Dave and Moe do to save the situation?