Working on Little Yellow Ball

Illustrations for second book Little Yellow Ball are going as planned, and Tom is doing a great job, but you can check for yourself. The plan is still the same, finishing illustrations on all three books and Create space, Amazon here we come in paperback and e-book editions.

Ilustracija za drugu knjigu2

Little Yellow Ball is a story about boy Noel and his pet friend Oscar and their game with the ball.

“Noel threw the ball full of hope, wishing that they would play. Oscar ran after the ball and grabbed it as it bounced off the ground, with his ears flying in all directions due to speed and fast changes of direction. He was back at Noel’s feet in no time, dropping the ball, barking loudly and waving his pointy tail.

Ilustracija za drugu knjigu

They played for a long long time, forgot about lunch and came home too late.”

What you play with may mather, but not as much as the company your playing with.

Ilustracija za drugu knjigu3


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